the boat is the vision, Sound is the ocean.

FIRE & FLOW - The Nomadic Filmmaker

Music composition // Mixing // Mastering

Maui, Hawaii, USA

February 2020


Editing, Mixing & Mastering


 At Fine Crafted Sound, we edit dialogues and spoken words since over three years for podcast shows and video applications. Noise reduction, clean-up and restoration have no secret for us.


 We can mix dialogues, music, sound effects, ambience sounds and sound design to create immersive soundtracks for films.


  We also mix multitracks for musicians and we can master stereo files, depending on the genre.





 Let's Play


  With almost 17 years of playing music and almost seven years of travels around the globe, our musician collects music instruments and he records rare sounds from many origins. We aim to create unique musical pieces, themes, sound designs and soundscapes with the use of acoustic, electronic, virtual instruments and found sounds.


  Our goal is to give a new dimension to the picture and match the vision of our clients.




Capturing feelings


   Music, film and spoken words are means to convey feelings. Adaptability is the key to capture these feelings. We have experience working on film sets alongside DOPs and we understand the needs of filmmakers. We know what is the right equipment to use in every given situation and we are prepared to face almost any unforeseen event. 

  In film, in podcasting as well as in music, we believe that a good mix starts with a great recording.



4 Allée du bois 18570 Morthomiers FRANCE  |  Tel: +33 6 41 39 93 91

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